Jury in Kennebunk prostitution case shown explicit videos

8:23 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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ALFRED, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Jurors in the Kennebunk Zumba prostitution case were shown sexually explicit videos today. Mark Strong is charged with promotion of prostitution.

After a slow start to this trial, the prosecutor is now getting to the heart of it's case. The state claims Mark Strong managed a prostitution business allegedly run by Alexis Wright. Late Thursday afternoon the state's key witness took the stand, lead investigator Audra Presby of the Kennebunk Police Department.

Earlier jurors were shown a tape of Alexis Wright engaged in a sex act with a client. The client could then be seen leaving her money. The judge then told jurors that in the videos that would follow that they would be shown only the beginning and end of the videos and not the parts where Alexis Wright meets with clients.

Mark Strong's attorneys and the prosecution agreed to a stipulation that was read to jurors by the judge. In that stipulation the two sides agreed that the videos shown to them were made of Alexis Wright involved in sex acts for money. Also Skype photos seized from Mark Strong's computer were from the same dates and times as those videos shown to jurors.

In one of the videos shown, Wright can be heard talking to a man, telling him she made only 2 appointments for the next day because she has school. The man can be heard saying you could have gotten 3 in today. Wright responds "Yeah, but I'd be pushing it." With jurors out of the room, the prosecutor said the voice was that of Mark Strong. A state police detective testified before jurors he believed it was Mark Strong's voice.

The prosecutor told the judge by introducing the Skype photos the state can show that someone who was not in Kennebunk could still be actively involved in crimes that were committed there.There have been some people in the courtroom watching the trial very closely. Yesterday Wright's attorney was here. Today an Attorney representing several of the alleged johns was present. Gary Prolman says he was upset to hear the two sides stipulate that Alexis Wright was having sex for money before she or some of the clients have gone to trial.

A couple other items of note from the trial today. A state police detective testified they were planning to interview the 25 most prominent johns to see if there were any extortion attempts. There was also an audio recording played for juror of an undercover officer arranging a sex for money meeting with alexis wright. And the lead investigator from the Kennebunk Police Department began to detail the beginnings of the case. Audra Presby will be back on the stand tomorrow morning.

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