Jury finds Mark Strong guilty on all counts

8:20 PM, Mar 6, 2013   |    comments
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ALFRED, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After deliberating through the morning, a jury has found Mark Strong guilty of all charges against him.

Strong was on trial as one of two defendants in the Kennebunk Zumba Prostitution case. He was facing 12 counts of promotion of prostitution and one count of conspiracy.

The prosecution argued that Strong managed the prostitution business allegedly run by Alexis Wright. As evidence, they presented pictures, videos, emails, text messages and phone records. Strong also signed the lease for Wright's zumba studio in Kennebunk.

The defense argued that Strong was merely infatuated with Wright and got no financial gain from their interactions.

Lawyers presented their closing arguments Tuesday afternoon. The judge gave her instructions to jurors and told them to start deliberating Wednesday morning.

Jurors decided the prosecution had the stronger case.

As the 13 charges were read aloud, Mark Strong remained expressionless.

Mark Strong now faces possible jail time. His sentencing date is set for two weeks from Wednesday. Each charge carries a maximum of one year behind bars. He is currently free on personal recognizance bail.


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