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Who is running for what? The Augusta/Washington shuffle

6:04 PM, Mar 6, 2013   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) - A number of Democrats are showing interest in challenging Governor LePage, should he run for re-election next year.

Monday, Congressman Mike Michaud told Politico that he was considering a run.

Former Governor John Baldacci has said he's thinking about it, too.

As is Congresswoman Chellie Pingree. In a statement she writes:

"I've certainly heard from lots of people who are encouraging me to run and I continue to think about it carefully. But right now I'm focusing on my work in Congress."

Independent Eliot Cutler, who narrowly lost to Gov. LePage in the last election, has said many times that he is highly likely to run. He told NEWS CENTER on Wednesday that he'll make his final decision in the fall.

"If they run, fine," says Gov. LePage of the prospect of these potential challengers, "And if I choose to run again at the appropriate time, let's bring it on." He then added jokingly "Maybe I'll run for Congress, who knows?!"

When pressed on whether he's actually considering a run for Congress, his tone became more serious. "I consider everything," he ruminated, "Everything's got a price in this world." He then brightened, adding "And going to Washington would probably be the death of me."

The Governor says he'll announce his intentions to run for re-election sometime before the primary.

One person who actually is showing strong interest in a run for Congress is state senator Emily Cain.

Cain, a Democrat from Orono, says she is likely to run if Congressman Michaud decides to run for Governor. She says she's making her intentions known now because she wants to talk to as many people as she can about what a Congressional bid might look like.

"At this point, Congressman Michaud running for re-election to Congress would certainly have me not running," explains Sen. Cain, "Other than that, there's a lot of factors to weigh, but I'm certainly leaning in the direction heavily that I would."

Cain actually did run for Congress for exactly 3 days in 2012 when Senator Olympia Snowe announced her retirement and Congressman Michaud filed papers for her seat before changing his mind.



See Governor LePage's full comments Wednesday in a conversation with Caroline Cornish.


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