Witness testimony explains families feud in crowbar murder trial

5:32 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The murder trial continues for Peter Robinson of Bradford. Tuesday the state called neighbors to the witness stand. The state had two points to prove. First, Peter Robinson was very protective of his property and would do anything to keep people off his land, especially the Trask family. Second, the autopsy of David Trask's body showed no defensive wounds supporting the defense's claim it was self defense.

A local family owns multiple parcels near Robinson's property. They testified the defendant was very protective of his land in addition to disliking the Trask family. 

Ralph Acabbo testified Robinson had asked neighbors to not allow the Trask family, specifically the deceased's brother George Trask, to hunt on their properties.

According to Acabbo, he agreed to prohibit the Trasks from hunting on his property to appease Robinson. That agreement was taken back after Robinson had an altercation with Acabbo's family. 

His brother, Robert Acabbo, testified the once friendly relationship his family had with Peter Robinson was ruined back in 2006. According to Robert Acabbo, a group of his family members and friends were riding ATVs that runs in front of the Robinson home when the defendant came out and confronted them. Acabbo said Robinson was visibly upset and claimed the party was "disrespecting his privacy."

The Acabbo family spoke off camera about the Trask family. They described David Trask as 'a good guy' and the Trask family was always friendly with them. 

Doctor Michael Ferenc, formerly with the state Medical Examiner's Office, conducted the autopsy on David Trask.

Ferenc testified he recorded at least three blows to the victim's body. One blow to his chest which the doctor testified would cause Trask to have difficulty breathing and at least two blows to his face. The doctor confirmed one of the two hits to the face caused Trask's death.

This testimony alluded to the state's argument that Trask was no threat to Robinson and he therefore did not have the right to use lethal force.

The prosecution will present more witness testimonies beginning Wednesday morning. David Trask's son, David Trask, Jr is expected to take the stand.

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