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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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We're on the court with the Clowned Princes and Princess of basketball, the Harlme Globetrotters. We'll meet Maine Resident and former This Old House Host Steve Thomas who is now working with habitat for Humanity. And we'll look back 50 years on the loss the USS Thresher, the Maine built nuclear attack submarine.

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This week's blog written by Bill Green:

Our first story tonight is about the Harlem Globetrotters. I love them! In fact, there was a former Channel 2 weatherman named Joe Dombek. He wanted me to ask his niece out. I thought, "There's a great way to lose a friend!" December 5, 1981, a day that live in infamy. My horoscope said, "A great day for romance, but be frugal." The Globetrotters advance man had come through the station and left free tickets to the game. I called the niece up and asked her to the game (we also went to Carburr's and 34 Exchange Street.) Thirty two years later, we have two kids! I have always enjoyed the Globetrotters. I particularly like their classic bits such as the Magic Circle, the weave and chasing the other player with a bucket of water or confetti! I'm such a traditionalist!

Next, we're going to meet Steve Thomas. Steve has a great association with Maine dating back more than a score of years. Steve and his wife Evy Blum have sailed and skied here and own a lovely place on a Maine island. It was fun to talk with Steve about his career in film and TV. In fact, I thought I was sloppy with the interview forgetting to ask some basic stuff and talking with Steve about high level TV. Assuming I know much about that, let me say that I think Steve does too. He's a veteran author, TV reporter and documentary producer who has been around. It was a fun conversation and I hope I did Steve justice.

Out of the archives this week is a story about harness racing opening. The season runs from now until December 22. I used to own three race horses and had a great time with the sport. Prices have changed since I was involved. Buying a horse and employing trainers, grooms and drivers for a year can cost between 10 and 20 thousand dollars, minus what the horse makes in purses. It's a lot of fun and this is the time of the year that owners start cashing checks. Good luck to everyone this year.

Finally, tonight we look back on the USS Thresher. This nuclear attack submarine sank on April 10, 1963 and all 129 souls on board were lost. Many of these sailors and civilians lived in Maine. The boat itself was built here and was the pride of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery. It was fascinating with a family member, one of the engineers and an historian about the Thresher. I will never forget the night the news bulletin of her sinking broke into network programming.

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