Group holds teach-in on budget cut alternatives

5:54 PM, Apr 7, 2013   |    comments
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ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- While lawmakers debate budget cuts, residents are gathering to discuss how they can change the economy for the better. The Maine Alliance for the Common Good held a teach-in at the University of Maine Sunday. Attendees heard about alternatives to budget cuts and the problems they think need to be addressed. The message was simple, the road to changing our economy starts with the citizens.

Keynote speaker Doctor Margaret Flowers with It's Our Economy said, "Society tries to disempower people and tell them they cant create change and it's exactly the opposite. It's not about electing people to make change it's about we are the ones that could make that happen."

Local organizations and activists met to share what they feel are the state's biggest issues and how they can band together and make a change.

Kevin Zeese with It's Our Economy said, "Change comes from the people. It doesn't come from Washington...People can make a difference. I mean throughout history you can see examples of a person or a few people making a difference. But there's no question, at your community level you can bring people together and solve problems."

During his speech, Zeese urged attendees to take the time to understand the issues and not be afraid to speak up for what they believe in.

Flowers agreed, "It's something creative and something positive that people can do. Come together in their communities, identify what their resources are, what their problems are, and start working together to fix them."

Attendees were able to participate in workshops held by local organizations and activists--and get more information on how to get involved.


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