Mainers that are safe after Boston Marathon

3:57 PM, Apr 16, 2013   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) - There were 202 runners from Maine today in the Boston Marathon. We have been trying to make a list of those runners, along with their family and friends who were in Boston today, that are safe.

After asking on social media, this is the still growing list after people that we know are safe based on the response we got on Facebook, Twitter and emails. If you know of someone who should be on this safe list and is not, please email us:

(Some names may repeat)

Will Thomas
Mary Pardi
Sarah Emerson
Caitlin Baker Gildart
Josh Zolla
John Rodrigue
Andrea Gagne Pierce
Denise and Bill Curry
Jen Rhode
Lauri Sildelko
Allyson Veilleux
Vicelli's family
Joseph Viselli
Mary Ropp
Gary Allen
Maura Malia
Paula Rousseau
Misty Swenson
Susan O'Brian
Jen and Peter Sellwood
Tim Tunney
Run For the Fallen Maine runners are safe: Scott Stader,
Steven Yee
Kerri Haskins
Todd Oliver
Nadia Ruiz Gonzales
Kent Meier
Heidi Sirois
Jen Rohde and husband and GOTR
Doug Johnstone
Carol manly
Sarah Andrus
Ellen spring
Teresa Withee
Susan Haversat
Kirby Davis
Eliza Meisner
Steve Carter and family
Peter Lodge
Celeste Emery
Michell Reali Cook
Robert Gomez
Nancy Paul and
Laura Goldstein
Arty Flanders
Aja Darak and her Grandmother
Nick Young
Michelle Szczapa
Ericson's from Yarmouth
Matt and Devan Weber
Paul Josephson
Heidi Sirois
Rev Deborah Breault and Rev Bryan Breault and Eric Breault
The Phillips' from Cape Elizabeth
Kathy and Tim Morrison
Bruce Maxwell
Arne Koch
Allison jean
Sheri Piers
Steph Brewer
Evelyn Jackson
Ryan Metivier
Kate Laverdiere Bartemus
Ryan Aldrich
Laura Campbell
Cindy Patterson and family are safe
Nicole Kelly and Family are safe
Rob Ashby and Micaela are safe
Jim Newett
Beth Allen
Jesse Meserve and Carol Legere
Elaine Garnett
Pam Bither
Kelsey Matheson
Judy Tammaro
Coreen Lauren
Carol Manley, Washington
Ellen Spring, Thomaston
Doug Johnstone
Brigitte Emmons-Touchette and Sarah Marble
Travis Bashaw and Family
Rebecca Aceto
Dylan Alden
Erin Chalat
Claton Conrad
Lianne Cronin
David Edwards
David Holman
Karen Malone
Peter Rearick
Joan Samuelson
Amos Woodward
Briana Lagasse and Family
Steh Hasty and Family
Bryant Perkins
Jacqui Carpenter
Jeffrey Rosenblatt
Dennis Demmons and family
Maureen Sproul
Coffin family
Rebecca Leaming
Rebecca Aceto
Mr. Jamie Anderson
Kendra Johnson and Johnson family
Seth Hasty
Isaac Marnick
David Goodrich
Mark and Kat Smutz
Ty Thurlow
Billy Nicols and family
Rafael Santellanes
Roger Marquis is safe as is Pete Lodge, Sue OBrien and their families.
Joe Capehart
Steve and Sarah Weatherhead
Lauri Sidelko
Tim Tunney and Briana Lagasse and family
Seth Hasty and family are all ok.
Sharlene Grant
MaryAlice Goering, Portland
Dorothy Diggs, Portland
Kate Anagnostis, Bath
Lisa Fenter, Auburn
Kelly LaCroix, Greene
Bob Kus and family
Merrily Welch (runner) and the Welch Family
Jeremy Bonnett, Bob Dunfey, Chuck and katy Hazzard
Al Swallow
Mick Arsenault and family  
Josh Cutler and family
Eric Krohne
Nancy Goldstein, Falmouth
Beth Allen, Farmington
Susan Haversat of Cape Elizabeth & Laura Campbell of New Gloucester are fine.
Jesse Meserve and Carol Legere
Ward Boudreau
Andrew Morrison, Jennifer Morrison
Sharlene Grant, Blue Hill
PR Racing team from Lewiston: Vicki Bryant, Maureen Sproul, Christie Tebbets, and Donald Hebert who did not run are safe.
Paula Waterman, Barbie Clement, Travis Bashaw, Amos Woodward, Peter Rearick, Dylan Alden, Dan Works, Ran and are safe.
Jennifer Blastow
Zoe Romano, Portland
Phil Pierce and Eliza Tibbits, Falmouth
Erica Jesseman
Katie Eastman, Raymond
Michele MacLean, Gardiner
Robert Scamman, Biddeford
Steven Conley, Falmouth
Diane LaVangie, South Portland
Lori Bartlett and her family
Jess Bryson and Family
Danielle Skillin, Jennifer Piesik, Christine Irish
Richard Lyons, Hampden
Rick Lyons and Pat Lyons
Mallory Hines, Blue Hill
Andrea Lapointe
Rebecca Leaming
Jamie Anderson, Sanford
Kendra Johnson and family
Sara Bradley, Waterford
Ethan M. Scott, Biddeford
Angela Coulombe
Joe Bertolaccini, Winslow
Laurie Gaudreau
Erik McCarthy




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