Great Pond gets high-tech monitoring buoy

11:01 AM, Apr 22, 2013   |    comments
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BELGRADE, Maine (AP) - Great Pond in Belgrade is joining a worldwide network of lakes that can be monitored around the clock.

A $20,000 buoy armed with sensors that can follow lake conditions will be deployed on Thursday, sending a continuous data stream describing real-time lake conditions to a global network of scientists.

The buoy deployed at the deepest point of the lake will monitor temperature, oxygen levels, phytoplankton activity and light levels every 15 minutes.

Denise Bruesewitz, professor of environmental studies at Colby College, tells the Morning Sentinel it's more efficient that current methods.

The buoy will allow Great Pond to be part of the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network that allows scientists from all around the world share lake data to help identify regional and global trends.

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