Support - and sequester cuts - for Domestic Violence services

6:58 PM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Surviving a childhood of physical abuse, Governor LePage has made domestic violence awareness and prevention of his most important causes.

He spoke about the issue to students at Lewiston High School Tuesday afternoon.

"It leaves awful scars," said Gov. LePage to a gymnasium of students. "I am retirement age, and I've not forgotten it. It's like it happened yesterday."

While victims advocates say the Governor's support has heightened domestic violence awareness in Maine, some in the nonprofit sector worry what sequestration cuts could do to their services.

"I feel uncertain," said Jane Morrison, Executive Director of Safe Voices in Lewiston.

She estimates Safe Voices, a domestic violence services nonprofit in Lewiston, could lose around $30 thousand dollars of its $1.3 million budget due to sequestration.

Morrison said many nonprofits are in similar situations, with grant money being cut at the federal and state level.

"Hook or crook, we've got to get through this, because there are too many people depending on us, and we've got to be there for them."

Morrison said she's not sure how sequestration will impact her staff of 22, but she hopes future fundraisers will help.

Safe Voices is planning a domestic violence walk in Lewiston on June 15. For more information, visit the Safe Voices website.


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