Yellow Dot Program spreads to Knox County

5:20 PM, Apr 28, 2013   |    comments
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ROCKPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A program that originated in Maine in Cumberland County last year is spreading to Knox County, and it's a program that police and first responders believe can help save lives.

If you sign up for the Yellow Dot Program, a yellow dot is placed on the back window of your car, and that alerts first responders when you're in a car accident or have a medical emergency that there's important medical information listed in your glove compartment.

Program organizers said the amount and type of information the patient chooses to put in their yellow dot booklet is completely up to them. 

Patients can list medical conditions, allergies, medications, contact information for relatives and physicians, and even hospital preference.

Emergency personnel said the information in the yellow dot booklet can be valuable, especially when they first arrive on scene of an accident when every second counts.

"It's a very valuable tool because the first hour, they call it the golden hour," Lt. Kirk Guerrette with the Knox County Sheriff's Office said.  "That's where it's really critical for the EMS people, and the people at the hospital to provide you with that care."

After hearing about the program in Cumberland County, the Briggs & Wholey Law Firm in Rockport decided to bring the program to Knox County.  The law firm is funding the program, and it's free of charge for anyone to sign up.

The program was launched in Knox County on Saturday in conjunction with the drug take-back program.

For more information or to learn more about how you can sign up, click here.


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