So-so Mother's Day

7:26 AM, May 12, 2013   |    comments
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First and foremost I want to wish a happy Mother's Day to all the moms and grandmas (and great grandmas) out there. I'm heading down to Massachusetts after the show to take my mother and 91 year old grandma (who is SO with it that she's on Facebook by the way...put that in your pipe and smoke it!) to dinner. I had some fancier restaurant ideas but of course they chose a humble, cheap local Italian place instead. How classic mom is that? ("Hun, I don't want you spending that much on me. You being here is the gift") That's why we love 'em. Well that, and the fact they brought us into the world and stuff..

I wish I could give all the moms a better forecast, but it's looking iffy.

Today: A large batch of showers associated with last evening's cold front is riding up the coast currently. Shower activity will shift from southern coastal Maine to the Midcoast and eventually into Downeast by around 11 AM. Meanwhile northern and western Maine will stay mainly dry with mostly cloudy skies and some morning fog. By mid-day there will be a break in the action and clouds will begin to break up, especially away from the coastline. Sunny breaks will continue until around 3 PM, at which point a secondary cold front sweeps in from the west. This front is much less "juiced" than the first, so it will just touch off scattered showers from west to east through the afternoon. If I had to put a percentage on getting hit with the second round of showers...I'd say 30% chance. High temperatures will end up relatively mild due to warm lows last evening, mid 60s in most spots and some low 70s are possible over western Maine.

Tonight: Early clouds will give way to rapid clearing as dry air rushes in from the west. Low temperatures will drop into the 30s over western and northern Maine but stay in the low 40s closer to the coastline.

Monday: With high pressure in place look for mostly sunny skies but a much cooler airmass to start the work week. High temperatures will struggle to break 60 F in most spots, staying in the mid 50s along the coastline. It will also be quite breezy with a southwest wind of 10 to 20 MPH. (From a nerd standpoint it's pretty unusual to be cool with a southwest wind, but this time around the air mass is so abnormally chilly the warming impact of a southwest wind is negated).

More sunshine on Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures gradually recovering into the low 60s on Tuesday and mid to upper 60s by Wednesday afternoon.

Showers return to the forecast on Thursday with a warm front moving through, but they don't look all that heavy.

Big picture, our pattern looks fairly's the Ritz cracker of weather patterns...not awful but nothing to write home about. Temperatures will generally trend below average through the 7 day period and showers will be a factor about 3 out of the 7 days.

Facebook fan page: I created this page to beat Lopresti to 6,000 likes. Since it's inception on Friday we've been tracking him down like a cheetah to a turtle...let's keep rolling. (In reality Charlie is a really nice guy. I'm also saying that because he's like 6'5"....):



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