Bangor officials ask for caution when draining personal pools

7:23 PM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--The city of Bangor knows that people will soon be getting their pools ready for the summer. That's why the city is starting a campaign to remind people that draining pools into catch basins or storm drains can do a lot of damage to local rivers and streams.

Wynne Guglielmo is the environmental coordinator for the city of Bangor. She says there is a lot of confusion out there on the difference between a catch basin or storm drain and the city sewer system and they want people to understand the difference.

Guglielmo said, "Products that get discharged in to a sanitary sewer are handled by the waste water treatment plant. However a storm sewer or catch basin, you can see the open grate, they come in various sizes, round or square. And everything that flows in here go directly to a water body."

Bangor has 6 streams that are listed as impaired right now. So, the state and federal government requires the city to have a plan for those streams. One of those things is education and outreach which is why they are doing this.

Bangor officials are holding the annual Streamside Cleanup on Saturday, June 1st from 9am - noon. The group will meet at the City's Parks & Recreation Center, located at 647 Main Street in Bangor.


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