In The Arena: Strimling & Bruno

4:24 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) Health care issues have taken center stage at the State House this week. Political analysts Ethan Strimling and Joe Bruno are In The Arena with Pat Callaghan.

Gov. Paul LePage wants the hospital debt repayment plan passed as a standalone bill, Democrats want to link it with accepting federal money to expand Medicaid, and they're ready for a showdown.

Strimling and Bruno also discuss the latest exception to the federal budget sequester, which will prevent furloughs at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. And they tackle the multiple controversies putting the Obama administration on the defensive, as well as the 2014 race for governor-- is Rep. Mike Michaud the Democrats only hope for winning that race?

 In Part 1, Ethan Strimling calls linking hospital debt and Medicaid a brilliant political and policy move. Joe Bruno says the two should not be linked. And they discuss the partisan tensions at the State House.

Part 2 focuses on the federal budget sequester and the decision to exempt shipyard workers in Kittery, as well as the shrinking federal budget deficit.

In Part 3, they talk about the IRS and Justice Department scandals in Washington, and what these incidents say about President Obama's leadership.

And in Part 4, Bruno and Strimling talk about wheher Rep. Mike Michaud is the best bet for Democrats in the next race for governor, and about former Sen. Olympia Snowe's national book tour and her voice for bringing change to Washington.

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