Investigators face hurdles uncovering evidence

6:33 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The state states there is reason to believe Nichole Cable died last Sunday soon after she disappeared. Her body was found eight days later. For more than a week critical evidence was faced with the elements that included rain and sun. The evidence response team will be faced with even more hurdles as they gather evidence and find out what happened that night.

Former forensic scientist Alicia Wilcox said, "There are quite a few challenges for the investigators at the crime scene and later the examiners at the crime lab with those types of scenes. An individual's body that lay exposed with the weather and that type of environment is not a friend of forensic science."

According to Wilcox, the rain could have diluted evidence, washed away footprints, and possible erase fiber or trace elements.

Wilcox said, "You would approach that crime scene and you don't know whether the DNA or fibers have washed away or have been eroded. You assume they are still there so maybe there is evidence under somebody's fingernails there may be evidence under the body. There may be evidence that is preserved. So you go into it assuming that there are fragile pieces of evidence that may be trace or latent, invisible and you would go ahead and process the scene as such."

Investigators would have collected anything that might be useful in the investigation before transporting it to Augusta. There is, however, an emotional strain placed on the investigators especially when dealing with a victim so young.

"We set that part aside as much as possible to do this in a professional way and to do justice for the victim in this case. The examiners and investigators will set that part aside and will deal with that in their own time.One of the things I used to think of was, 'if I don't do the job who else will do it?' There is a feeling that even though there's an emotional to the job, there's a lot of job satisfaction to bring justice to the victim and her family," said Wilcox.

The state crime lab will continue to examine the material and uncover more evidence to piece together what happened that night.

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