Consultant's report shows ways to improve Bangor's west side

12:13 AM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Officials in Bangor have unveiled a plan that could help revitalize one of the city's rougher sections.

Residents of the city's west side say they've been dealing with problems caused by vacant and abandoned homes in their neighborhood. They also say places like Second Street Park have become breeding grounds for loitering and alcohol abuse.

City officials in Bangor heard their concerns. Last fall they hired a planning consultant to look into ways to rehab the west side. Richert Planning released the details of that report at a meeting at the Doughty School in Bangor Thursday night.

Consultants say things can only improve on the west side if more homeowners and developers move in to the area, which stretches from Union Street to Buck Street in Bangor and from Main Street to Third Street.

They say there are benefits to living in the area and with the right marketing improvement is possible.

"It's got all the characteristics of a downtown adjacent neighborhood that in many many small urban the Bangor area...have just blossomed," said Evan Richert, who is the owner of Richert Planning, "and we think it is almost time. The time is coming for this neighborhood and when that happens people will start investing."

City officials in Bangor say they are pursuing federal grants to help buy and renovate vacant properties on the west side. From there they can then sell them to first time home buyers.

The Bangor City Council will be reviewing the consultant's report in the coming weeks.


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