Things to do in Bar Harbor on a rainy holiday weekend

3:36 PM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)  --    At the Abbe Museum, there's a new traveling smithsonian exhibit about mixing of Native American and African American cultures. There's also the regular collection of artifacts from Maine's Wabanaki tribes.  

"We're definitely one of the top rainy day destinations in Bar Harbor," said Museum Curator, Julie Clarke.  

Bar Harbor has an abundance of restaurants and gift shops.  Michelle Souza of Spruce and Gussy is getting ready for the crowds of tourists.

"It's great it brings people into town they walk around, it gives them a little variety of whats going on. They can shop," Souza said.

A short trip outside of town and you can end up at the Bar Harbor Cellars Winery. A country location with fruit trees and vineyards, and oak barrels out back. Inside a store, with bottles and bottles of wine, a chocolate room, and a tasting area.

"It brings in a lot of people," explained Paul Bartel, "Everybody is looking for something to do. And this is a great place to come because we do some nice tastings."

And for kids, Mount Desert Oceanarium is a fun stop where they can learn about lobster fishing, and see and touch all kinds of critters, including lobsters, sea stars, crabs and sea cucumbers.  


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