Pleasant Memorial Day

6:51 AM, May 27, 2013   |    comments
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Let's face it, our weekend weather was pretty weak. But things are looking up for today.

(Between the spring Nor'easter and my Man-Cold I watched an insane amount of movies this weekend. Rise of the Planet of the Apes- pretty good movie but...the apes don't have guns so I don't see the issue here..why are they winning battles? Bridesmaids- I admit I laughed a lot, but how can girls argue it's not a blatant rip off of The Hangover? It's basically the same exact movie.)

Today: The large spring Nor'easter that put a damper on our weekend (and dropped 36" of snow in upstate NY!) has spun off to our north and is largely done impacting our area. In its wake look for mostly sunny skies and temperatures pushing into the mid and upper 60s. Although most of us will be very bright, it is worth noting that northern Maine and extreme Downeast will see some additional cloud cover today...being relatively close to the departing storm. Also of note: There will be a stiff west wind at 10 to 20 MPH through the afternoon. Still, today will be a HUGE improvement when compared to the weekend.

Tonight: Mostly clear and cool. Lows will drop into the upper 30s across the interior while staying in the low 40s along the coastline.

Tuesday: With high pressure firmly in control look for sunny skies from start to finish. High temperatures will end up in the mid 60s in most spots with a slight sea breeze keeping the coastline on the low end of the range.

A warm front will swing in from the southwest on Wednesday so look for increasing clouds with showers and thunderstorms. There's a chance some of these thunderstorms could end up strong to severe late in the day. GENERALLY, it's hard to get severe thunderstorms into Maine on a warm front because of a stable marine layer....but each case is different so I'll watch it for you.

After that we are in for a nice warm stretch as the warm frontal boundary shifts to our north. The computer models disagree a bit on how far north it will get on Thursday, so I'll put southern Maine around 80 F but northern Maine stuck in the 60s. B

By Friday, however, we WILL break into the warm sector (See how I emphasized that to help remove my own doubt? I'm like a used care salesman who listens to motivational audiobooks on his way to work. "I WILL sell 15 cars today! I will!") so most of us will be in the low to mid 80s.

The warm weather should continue on Saturday and at least the first half of Sunday. Low to mid 80s will abound.

So summer WILL arrive. Just a weekend too late for most people.

See ya!

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