Affidavit released in Kyle Dube case

10:53 PM, May 29, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Court documents are related to the indictment of Kyle Dube are shedding more light on the final hours of Nichole Cable's life.

Cable is the teen from Glenburn who was found dead last week in the woods off Route 43 in Old Town. She had been missing for more than a week.

Dube, who is 20 and from Orono, was indicted Wednesday.

The affidavit says police spoke with Dube's brother. Dube said he hid in the woods in a ski mask then grabbed Nichole Cable, duct taped her and put her body in the back of his dad's pickup truck. Dube then drove to the woods to hide Nichole, but when he arrived she was dead. There's no word in the documents about Cable's cause of death.

Police say Dube told his brother that his original plan was to hide Nichole in the woods, then "find" her later-- becoming a "hero."

According to court documents, Kyle Dube's girlfriend told investigators where Kyle hid Cable's body.

Dube's girlfriend told police that Kyle said when he discovered Nichole was dead, he hid her in the woods and covered her body with sticks and proceeded to dispose of all evidence by throwing it out the window of the truck.

The affidavit confirms that Nichole Cable had frequent and recent contact with a fake Bryan Butterfield social media account. Police investigated who logged into the fake Facebook account by reviewing logon IP addresses. One of the IP address that logged in belonged to Kyle Dube's home.


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