Cockroaches become increasingly resistant to popular methods of extermination

12:40 PM, May 30, 2013   |    comments
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(SNN) -- The cockroach has long been considered one of man's greatest foes.

It's widely believed that the insects could survive nuclear war.

A new study reveals they are surviving our traditional methods of extermination.

"The challenge with German Cockroaches is they cohabitant with humans so they actually need us to survive,"
said exterminator Kyle Varona.

"And it is a problem because one female has about a million babies in a year, added exterminator Gerald List

A new study published in the journal Science suggests these bugs were able to reject sugar used in some baits within just five years.

The findings come as no surprise to Varona.

"If you use the same products over and over again or the same even mode of action with the chemical that's used, they'll become chemically resistant to the product, said Varona.

"The manufacturers suggest to switch up different active ingredients and not only that but modes of action of the chemical that might be used," he said.

Experts say infestations of these persistent pests can require an attack on multiple fronts using different types of bait

"Really you need to use a growth regulator also which will sterilize the eggs and help cut down the treatments faster which all the restaurants and everything use and homeowners," List said.

"This has been going on since I've been in business, I mean roaches have always been a problem," according to List.

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