Alexis Wright goes to jail

5:33 PM, May 31, 2013   |    comments
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ALFRED, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The prostitute in the Kennebunk Zumba case began serving her sentence Today at the York County Jail.

The sentence for Alexis Wright came as no surprise. The details were worked out a couple of months ago during plea negotiations. Today the judge signed off on it. Wright will serve 10-months in jail and pay about 58-thousand dollars in fines. Most of that is to reimburse the state for Welfare benefits she was receiving while her illegal business was raking in well over 100-thousand dollars.

While the sentence wasn't a surprise some of the information in her attorneys sentencing memorandum was. In it attorney Sarah Churchill wrote Wright was led to believe by her co-defendant Mark Strong that she was working as an operative for the state to investigate sexual deviants. While that did not come up in court today, her attorney spoke about it afterwards.

"That she had to work for him. That they are trying to document as many sexual deviants as possible and try to ferret out these kinds of people. And when you have someone who, mentally because of her trauma history just make her more easily manipulated", said attorney Sarah Churchill.

The state contends wright knew what she was doing and was a willing participant. Wright told the judge she had no control over things.

"These actions were not taken because I wanted to. I did not feel like I was in a position to choose, when I became involved in a business relationship with an individual who I thought had my best interests or at least that's what I was led to believe", she said.

Wright's attorney argued for her client to serve her time at the Cumberland County Jail in Portland rather than in York County. The judge denied the request.
























































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