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9:07 PM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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If you're hanging around the water cooler at work, you know that everything that's being talked about was seen on the Internet.  
But there's so much out there, how do you stay on top what's hot and what's not? This is a job Social media reporter Brett Whitmarsh was made for.

Just this morning a very interesting video started racking up a bunch of views. It's called "Portland XOXO: A Love Letter to Our City." 


Portland XOXO from p3 on Vimeo.


It was posted about two weeks ago, but started getting shared and talked about a lot last night and today. It's from a local production company called P3 and it takes historical images from around Portland and matches them up shot for shot to what the locations look like today day. The makers say it was inspired by a worn fishing boat on the Portland wharf.

For more on P3: P3 Maine

There is also a warning for Facebook users. There have been a few reports out this week about a six year old Trojan virus going around that can drain your bank account and it can be spread via Facebook -- according to a security firm called Trend Micro. It's called Zeus and it waits until you log into your bank account then makes its move. In some cases it will block your bank's site and ask you for your social security number.

For some non-facebook tips check out this link with a few tips at the end of it:


Facebook says they are aware of the issue and are dealing with it, and they offer up this link for verification. They say it should scan your account and verify it of any known virus. You can get check it out here, we suggest that you be logged into Facebook first:


For more details on the issue:



There's also a popular game that's been getting a lot of buzz this week too. It's called DOTS and it's been downloaded over three million times in the last month alone. It's a very addictive game, and it's also free. The premise is very simple. Much like Connect Four you simply connect the color coded dots and get as many as you can in a small window of time. I can't explain why it's so addictive, but believe me it is.


The buzz on the Internet is that folks are upset about Game of Thrones. We'll probably never have a TV moment quite like the "Who Shot JR" moment back in the day, but because of social media -- when something big happens on TV you can hear the collective moan from all over the world. Now I'm not going to give anything away, but this past Sunday Game of Thrones had a major plot development, and it really affected their fans. So many of them recorded their reactions and uploaded them to YouTube, shared them on Facebook and Tweeted about it. Do not watch this unless you've seen the episode... SPOILERS!!!

 It's been the most talked about thing on social media this week and even the creator of the Game of Thrones books was on Conan this week and they had him watch all of the reactions for his reaction. It's nice we can all get each other through this together through the power of the Internet.



And finally, you can't leave without talking about a popular cat video, because why else do we have the Internet? About two weeks ago there was this hysterical video called "Diary of a Sad Cat" George Takei shared it and it just immediately became a popular video with just under 6 million views. Take a look (warning some adult language):

Well this week the follow up video of "Dairy of a Sad Dog" was posted. You knew it couldn't be far behind. Have a look (warning some adult language):

It's just under 2 million views, but I am certain this is what people will be talking about this weekend.



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