Food truck sees need for more in the Queen City

6:43 PM, Jun 18, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- What do you get when a Swiss banker and a physics professor get married and decide to start a business? No, it is not the start of a joke. The answer is Cielos food truck. One of the few in the Bangor area. The couple serve up Mexican cuisine and it is quickly becoming a busy lunch spot among residents.

Owner Kirsten Pilot said, "When I came here I thought to myself man this is a really great area and you can really do business here...I wish more people would go into that scene. It's really a good business."

When the Piliots decided to open a restaurant they knew it would be one on wheels. It offers less overhead and more freedom which suits them both fine.

Co-owner Chris Pilot said, "It's flexible and independent. I like that aspect of it. You don't have to sign any contracts, if you wanted to shut down for a month you can do that. If it didn't work out, so what?"

It did, however, work out better than they could have hoped. The dynamic duo claims their secret ingredient is fun with the customers.

"We have so much fun serving them. we have so much fun interacting with them...You should have fun with what you do then success is soemthing that comes from itself," said Pilot.

Kirsten and Chris do not plan on stopping at just one truck, they are already planning their next adventure with a completely new cuisine.

The truck can usually be found in the Kmart parking lot in Bangor. They also post schedules on their website and facebook page.

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