Charleston bans development on East West highway with moratorium vote

7:33 PM, Jun 24, 2013   |    comments
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CHARLESTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- This past year talks on building an east to west highway across Maine certainly heated up. Cianbro is looking to develop the 220-mile highway, which if built would run from Calais to Coburn Gore. Last weekend, Charleston became yet another town to take steps to delay the project from happening.

Townspeople decided to pass a moratorium on development for the east-west highway. It prevents any part of the corridor from being built in Charleston -- regardless of whether it's on public or private land.

Town officials say the moratorium will last until December 18, 2013. They hope that will give voters enough time to get information on the project from Cianbro. That would include the path of the proposed highway and answers to questions that they say voters haven't received yet.

"Will we {the people of Charleston} gain tax dollars," asked Terri-Lynn Hall, who is chair of the town's select board, "how is this going to affect the surrounding it going to change property values..all of those questions have been asked around...and nobody has a definite answer."

"I think that as we continue to address their concerns and continue to answer their questions..I think that in the long run, they will come to the conclusion that this project will not only be good for all the people in Maine but will certainly be good for the citizens in the town of Charleston," remarked Darryl Brown of Cianbro, who is the project manager for the proposed highway.

In addition to Charleston, voters in Monson and Dexter have also passed moratoriums on doing any development on the corridor. The town of Garland is also considering passing one.


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