Shop 'N Save's Facebook fans catch shoplifter

5:18 PM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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CORNISH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Mark Call, the co-owner of Shop 'N Save in Cornish, strongly believes that if it hadn't been for social media, a shoplifter would have never been caught.

Cornish is your typical small town where everyone knows everyone, and they're eager to help each other out when someone needs it.  After someone walked out of Call's Shop 'N Save with unpaid items, Call spoke with the York County Sheriff's Department to begin an investigation.  Investigators told Call the case was probably going to be left unsolved due to the lack of information they had on the shoplifter.  That's when he turned to his store's Facebook fans and offered a $100 reward for anyone who could positively identify the man in the surveillance video.

"Due to the outreach of the community, this is an example of where social media...I know a lot of people gripe about social media.  There's a lot of negative, but there's a lot of positive," Call said. "This is where the community actually came together to help us identify someone that we never woul dhave found had it not been for social media."

After an hour, Call received several tips as to who the shoplifter was, and after three hours, the shoplifter turned himself in.  Plus, everyone who helped identify the thief refused to take the $100 reward.


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