Paddleboarding popularity on the rise

5:31 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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LINCOLNVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Over the years the popularity of paddle boarding has been on the rise. Businesses have been opening up in southern maine near the shore and as a result - prices for these boards have been going down as more and more people are buying boards.

"If you just want to get out, get a tan, have fun with your family this is a great sport to do it," said paddleboarding instructor Aimee Leclerc.    

But before you get started there's a lot to learn. Starting with the equipment - picking out the correct board and paddle.    

"There's five different types of paddle boards out there and they are all for different types of activities. Some people are recreational some people are racers," said Leclerc.    

Even stand-up surfing. Paddle boarding can come as another option to water sports that some people may not be able to conquer.  

"People have always tried to surf and surfing is difficult this is sort of the middle ground between surfing and kayaking. Also with all the lakes and all the ponds we have in Maine and that big huge thing we call the ocean the accessibility to the ocean is out there," said Leclerc.    

Now to the technique. There's a lot to remember. Instructor Aimee Leclerc says to start first by kneeling to get a feel to the paddle...then a quick hop up onto your feet...and then stay balanced.    

But it's not as easy as it sounds. Like anything else, practice makes perfect.          

It's also a chance to take in the sights that Maine has to offer.    

"You're standing up and you're five, six feet above the ground you're looking down in the water so it's pretty cool to check things out. Birds can't hear you catching up to them, deer drinking water can't hear you catching up on them," said Leclerc.

And remember, instructors say to keep an eye out for boaters.  

"Boaters on this particular pond, Norton Pond, are very respectful as long as we're respectful of them. They don't cause wake if they see you and you're in their area they generally slow down and go around you," said Leclerc.  

Keep all of this in mind and it's smooth sailing.  

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