Mighty Hot, But Relief in Sight!

3:50 PM, Jul 17, 2013   |    comments
Steve McKay
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How are you dealing with our recent wave of hot weather?  Not well, according to a lot of folks I've encountered lately. Seems that upper 80s and low 90s is not very agreeable to many people hoping for cooler conditions. Well, in that case I've got a bad news/good news situation.

It appears the warm weather will stick around for the next few days; a weak front approaching tonight will likely trigger a few scattered showers and thundershowers, with another frontal boundary bringing some scattered showers and thundershowers Friday and Saturday.  Temperatures will stay warm and conditions will be quite muggy; those communities experiencing a shower or thundershower will get cooled off a bit by the rain and downdrafts.

Now for the good news: another front sweeping through the state later Saturday and Saturday night will introduce cooler, less sticky air back into our region by Sunday, so expect sunshine and 70s for the second half of the weekend. The extended forecast is looking quite promising, with sunshine and 70s into the new work-week as well.

In my humble opinion....YEE-HAW! (Not a big fan of the hot weather, as you likely can tell.)

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