Bradford man receives 7 years for beating man to death with a crowbar

6:26 PM, Jul 17, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The man who beat his neighbor to death with a crowbar will spend the next seven years behind bars. The judge handed down the sentence to Peter Robinson after lengthy testimony by members of victim David Trask's family.

Among them his wife who broke down remembering the night she received the call of her husband's death. Trask's son told the court he felt his own family was on trial as the defense painted them as bullies.

David Trask Jr. said, "My father was a good man. Everyone that knows him knows the truth. Knows how he was and knows that he would never go at someone with a crowbar. It was all a mess of lies and he got away with it. As far as I'm concerned seven years is nothing."

Prosecutors were asking for a 20-year sentence. Justice William Anderson told the court he evaluated the situation and the history behind the two feuding families.

The Robinsons and Trasks had a lengthy list of land disputes-- that ended in Trask's death in November 2011. Justice Anderson called it a unique case telling the court both men acted in unreasonable ways to deal with a conflict.

Family members from both sides sat silently as the judge handed down the 7-year sentence.

The Trask family unable to hold back tears as they filed out of the courtroom.

Trask Jr., said, "The only comment I have is-- what's a man's life worth? 7 years for...I understand the jury came back with manslaughter, but in this case the brutality of it-- I just don't know what else to say. Seven years is just like, as far as I'm concerned the system might have as well put the finishing blow to my father as far as I'm concerned."

Robinson did apologize to the Trask family standing before the court saying sorry and God bless. His wife, Cheryl, also addressed the court and the victim's family apologizing to them and saying the night of David Trask's death was the worst night of their life.

Other members of the community spoke on Robinson's behalf and 70 members sent letters speaking about Robinson's character.

Robinson's attorney Thomas Hallett said, "He's relieved that this is over, this stage is over. Obviously he is upset that the sentence was higher than we had hoped it would be but at the same time he seemed to understand what the judge was saying and I think he saw the rationality of what the judge was doing."

In addition to the seven year sentence Robinson will also serve four years of probation.

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