DMR meets with lobsterman in southern Maine

11:59 PM, Jul 17, 2013   |    comments
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SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Department of Marine Resources held meetings along the coast to talk with lobstermen about the industry.

This is the second year the department has held these meetings to find out what the state can do to help an industry so vital to the Maine economy. State officials heard varying concerns from lobstermen in different parts of the state. But the one topic that comes up in every meeting is the price they are getting for their catch.

Meetings have also been held in Rockland, Machias, and Ellsworth. The department of marine resources started holding the meetings last year when an early shed lead to a glut in the market. Fishermen have not had that hurdle to deal with this year, but in less than eight years, the harvest has doubled in size. That has driven prices way down. DMR Commissioner Pat Keliher says lobster is a billion dollar industry in the state of Maine, so it is crucial to protect it.

"We want to make sure that as this fishery changes management can adapt to those changes quickly with little or not pain to the fishermen" he said.

Keliher says with the resource as plentiful as it is, this is the time to talk about change. But he knows in any commercial fishery that doesn't come easily.















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