Lots happening at Orrington Old Home Week

6:23 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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ORRINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --  It's been a busy week in Orrington, where the town is celebrating it's 225th Birthday with an event called Old Home Week. There's all kinds of activities going on including farm tours, historical events, and a community wide yard sale.   

Sandra and Emily Dubovy were up at the crack of dawn hunting for bargains at Orrington's Endless yard sale. Close to three dozen homes and businesses signed up, including the Calvary Chapel. Proceeds from the sale at the Chapel will go to the Safe Families Program which helps families in crisis.  It's a win-win for that program, and the bargain hunters too.    

"This is what we do. We like to look for things like this. Because we don't have to hunt and hunt and hunt. They're all close together. This one is really good," explained Sanra Dubovy.

Meanwhile at the Curran Homestead, Board president Dick Stockford is overseeing the work to get the Living History Farm ready for a weekend full of activities including an antique tractor pull, bluegrass concert, and barbecue.    

"We want to show people what life was like on a farm at the turn of the last century, but more importantly we don't just want to show them we want them to come out and participate," explained Stockford. "Unlike most museums we're a hands on museum if we've got an old tractor get on and drive it."    

 And if you want to get off the farm and get into an encampment of fur traders, head on over to Wiswell Farm. That's where the Acadia Frontiersman have made camp.    

"Most of them wouldn't even have tents they would just camp out when they went out into the mountains," said Chuck Ring, of the Acadia Frontiersmen. "A lot of them would stay with the indians through the winter when they trapped beaver.  And in the spring they would come back to a rendezvous site in the Wind River area which was in the Wyoming, Colorado area." 

For a schedule of Old Home Week Events click here.     



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