East Millinocket residents question new school roof

6:45 PM, Jul 24, 2013   |    comments
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EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Gloria Mackenzie got a lot more popular after she was named the winner of a Powerball lottery valued at $590 million. One day after the former resident of East Millinocket came forward saying she would donate $1.8 million of that money to pay for repairs at Schenck High School, residents are questioning the use of the donation.

Some members of the community described it to as throwing money at something that's a bigger problem. One member of the East Millinocket town council shared with NEWS CENTER information about a study that was done by the engineering company Lewis & Monn in 2010 that estimated the school's total cost of repairs to be around $8 million. Selectman, Mark Scally, appreciates the donation made by Mackenzie to fix the roof, but with the rest of the money that would be needed to completely repair the building he worries about what kind of effects that would have on school programs.

"I just wish that down the road we've got money to put back into programs and instruction as well," said Scally.

According to Superintendent of the East Millinocket schools, Quenten Clark, no checks have been made out yet and Mackenzie and her family members are still meeting with their lawyers to find out how to make the donation happen.

Voter's will decide next month whether to approve the school's budget of around $4.4 million for the 2013,2014 school year.


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