Pet clothing designer hoping to gain exposure at American Folk Festival

7:17 PM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- The American Folk Festival will be drawing many musicians to Bangor this weekend but the event is also a time for many small businesses in the area to shine.

This year among them will be one shop in the Queen City that focuses on fashion for pets. Cyndi Rollins has been making clothing for dogs and cats, large and small over the past decade. It's a hobby she says started with making jackets and other items for her pets.

Rollins says she then was able to build up customers through word of mouth. Today she says she's shipping orders for her products across the nation through her store's website.

Rollins says she does have a little help with the business. Her Yorkies Jack and Jill try on all new apparel before it goes on the shelves.  

"They have been instrumental in the starting of the business and continue it going," she says, "because they model for me. They do multiple fittings...even though Jill has gotten more tolerant to it. Jack really still prefers not to be the model but he's working on it and he's getting there."

Rollins will be selling her work at the American Folk Festival over the weekend. She also says she's planning to launch an ad campaign for her business later this year.


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