Farmers' Almanac hits the news stands

6:46 PM, Aug 26, 2013   |    comments
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AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The 197th edition of the Farmers' Almanac hit news stands Monday.

And sports fans can't stop talking about a little tid-bit on page 137. This item was such big news, it crashed the Almanac's website for a short time Monday morning.

"Well, the headline in this edition is it's gonna be bitterly cold and snow filled this winter," said Almanac Editor Peter Geiger.

The news hit summer vacationers like a snowball down the back.
But there's more.

Geiger say they're predicting a big Northeastern storm on one of the most important weekends of the winter.

"We're saying an intense storm will bring heavy rain or snow along with strong winds which could seriously affect Superbowl Sunday on February 2nd." said Geiger.

It's a big deal because the Superbowl will be played outdoors at MetLife stadium in New Jersey.

This caused enough consternation to overwhelm the Almanac's website and put Geiger in the hot seat, fielding dozens of calls from radio talk and sports shows across the country.

It also gave Patriots fans something to chew on over lunch at Gippers Sports Grill in Auburn, Maine. .

"I would says it gives them a 7 point advantage," said Pats Fan Don Woodbury. "Because they're used to playing in cold weather."

Patriots fans remember how that Snowbowl Play-off win in 2002 against the Oakland Riders led the team to the Superbowl..
But how much credibility does the Almanac's forecast actually have?

According to Geiger, their forecaster who uses the pseudonym Caleb Weatherbee is correct 75-85% of the time.

And those in the snow business in Maine, including Public Works Departments, say they read it..

"I'm told they base it on tides, sun spots, planetary alignment," said Lewiston Public Works Operations Manager John Elie. "Who knows maybe they've got it down to a science?"


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