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We're sailing with the American Collegiate Championships from Maine Maritime Academy. We'll sit down with best-selling author Julia Spencer Fleming. And we're getting ready for Halloween with vintage finery in Orrington.

Show number: 2011-17

This week's blog written by Bill Green:
Original air date: October 15, 2011

Episode #258

OK, can I get all maudlin? I can't believe another year is winding down. We're having a heck of a good year. This is show #17 this year. We have done 258 since we started in the year 200. Happy Days, Love Boat and King of the Hill did "255" episodes, so we're pretty proud of that.

This show was produced by Brett Whitmarsh and the shooter/editor is Josh Bradford.

Our first segment tonight is about the sailing program at Maine Maritime Academy. They won the JFK Cup, symbolic of winning the Collegiate National Championship. What a terrific accomplishment! I'm also excited about the dedication of Coach Tom Brown and his sailors. They are a no-drinking program. They are coached on diet, psychology and even breathing during competition. The results are that they've shot to the top of collegiate sailing and the entire state of Maine should be proud. We wish them the best of luck in the worlds which is being held near Paris.

Here's the link to the sailing program...

Here's the page that focuses on the varsity sailing program

Our interview this week is with Julia Spencer-Fleming. She is a mystery writer who lives in Steep Falls. She has published seven books so far, the last of which was a New York Times best seller. My wife recommended Julia to me. My wife is a prolific reader. While Pam does not necessarily read a lot of mysteries, she loves Julia's writing style and in particular, her character development. Perhaps you should check out Julia's work as well.

Our archive piece this week is on Kendall Nicely of Gorham who recently won her second World Junior Archery Championship. Kendall is a great young woman who is majoring in nursing at the University of New England. We wish her all the best as she continues her athletic and professional careers.

Finally tonight, we visit Linda Mitchell Storer. Linda was the bell of our senior prom when she showed up in an outfit she designed. It was a gypsy dress, complete with a floor length skirt that split revealing her hot pants, which were THE hottest fashion of 1971. Linda is a bubbly energetic fashionista who is always fun to visit with at class reunions and the not frequent enough social events where I see her.

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