Mother says fight to breast-feed caused her to be fired

6:33 PM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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INTERVALE, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- A New Hampshire woman says her fight to breast-feed her son caused her to be fired.

Kate Frederick had been working at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services in Conway as a child support officer.

Not quite two years ago, she was pregnant with her first son, Devon, and diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Frederick said her doctor advised her to breast-feed becaused it would reduce the risk of continued diabetes for both of them.

On top of that, Devon wasn't taking to the bottle.

Frederick said she made arrangements for her son to go to daycare while she worked full-time.

It was creating a breast-feeding schedule that started a problem at work.

Frederick said she ran into issues when she asked to use breaktime for daycare visits for breast-feeding. She said when she asked to have her son brought to work so she could breast-feed her there, she was given restrictions on where she could feed him in and around the building.

She did legal research, brought in a health advocate from the union, and held several meetings with supervisors to try and work out a solution.

In the end, she was fired.

In Frederick's termination letter, it states she was fired due to unexcused absences without proper medical documentation.

Frederick says she has the proper documentation -- and she is a victim of discrimination.

As the ACLU reviews her case, she plans to move into mediation with her company.

The New Hampshire DHHS declined to comment on the case due to the pending litigation.


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