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New drug 'Molly' popping up in Maine but not widespread yet according to police

7:32 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Area law enforcement says a street drug that's had a long reputation being used by young people is now seeing a rebirth under a new name.

'Molly' as the drug is called is a powder form of MDMA, which is the root ingredient found in the drug ecstasy. Much like ecstasy and bath salts it is a powerful man-made amphetamine that can produce strong hallucinations.

Anti-drug organizations say 'Molly' is starting to be widely used at music festivals and dance clubs around the nation. So far the drug has been linked to the deaths of at least two young people.

Peter Arno is a commander of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. He says so far use of Molly isn't widespread here in Maine but the dangers of overdosing on the drug are still the same.

"Some people might get it really does bear watching," he said, "and obviously if there's some concern that somebody's overdosing on it..the first concern is getting them medical attention."

Arno says so far this year four people across the state were arrested for allegedly possessing and trafficking 'Molly.' Two arrests came in Bangor while the others happened in the midcoast. Arno says its hard to know at this point if use of the drug will spread here in the state. The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency is however seeing greater use of other drugs among people like heroin, crack and cocaine.


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