Maine marathon swimmer, Pat Gallant-Charette, returns home

4:48 PM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
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Pat Gallant-Charette

WESTBROOK, Maine (NECN) - Sixty-four year old Diana Nyad may have gotten all the attention recently for her swim from the U.S. to Cuba, but a grandmother in Maine is taking on her own marathon swimming challenges.

Sixty-two year old Pat Gallant-Charette just returned home to Maine
after attempting to swim the North Channel from Ireland to Scotland.

She spent nearly 17 hours in the water but was forced to stop her swim when the tides turned against her less than one mile from the finish.

Still, Gallant-Charette says she's proud of what she accomplished
and will try the North Channel swim again in 2015.

Completing that swim will help her achieve her goal of swimming
the "Oceans 7" seven of the hardest open water swims in the world. She has finished four, including the English Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar. She holds the record as the oldest U.S. woman to swim the English Channel.

She plans to travel to New Zealand this winter to attempt another
marathon swim.

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