Ayla Reynolds' mother reveals new evidence

6:03 PM, Sep 10, 2013   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) -- The mother of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds is sharing some of the evidence she says police gave her back in January, evidence she believes points to Ayla's father as being responsible for the little girl's death.

Ayla was 18 months old when she disappeared from the Waterville home of her father, Justin DiPietro in December of 2011. Police have said they do not believe she is still alive.

In two weeks, Trista Reynolds is planning to post on Ayla's website all the details of what she says police found in DiPietro's home. But she gave NEWS CENTER a preview Tuesday.

Reynolds is very frustrated with the pace of the investigation into Ayla's disappearance. And she believes if the public knew what she does about the evidence police collected, they would call upon the Attorney General's office to prosecute DiPietro.

Police have said there Ayla's blood was found in DiPietro's home, and that it is more than a small cut would produce. Reynolds said police showed her pictures of Justin's room, where there was blood. His shoes had blood on them. His truck had Ayla's blood in it, and there was saliva mixed with her blood in some places. She said it shows that Ayla suffered, and there was enough blood that she feels it's clear her little girl has died. But it doesn't show a cause. Reynolds believes what she's seen is enough to prosecute DiPietro for something, even if it's child endangerment.

Reynolds said, "When you have a truck that has blood in it when you have things of Ayla's when you have a whole basement with all different things with blood you tell me you don't have enough to prosecute? I don't want to hear it anymore and I don't believe it."

Police will not confirm or deny any of Trista's claims, saying they will not talk about the details of their criminal investigation.

We reached out to Justin DiPietro, who is in the Cumberland County Jail for allegedly violating the conditions of his release on an unrelated domestic violence charge.
DiPietro said "no, thank you" to our request for an interview.

Trista plans to reveal much more about what police showed her on two websites, http://united4ayla.com and http://justiceforayla.blogspot.com

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