Millinocket schools still trying to work through budget cuts

6:27 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Less than a month ago voters here finally passed a budget for the Millinocket school district that included tens of thousands of dollars in spending reductions. Now administrators say they're trying to figure out where to cut.

In all, the Millinocket school system will have to trim more than $261,000 from the budget. Going into this school year, the district had already cut $111,000.

School superintendent Kenneth Smith says the options include eliminating programs and laying off teachers. He says he's already put out a plan to avoid those possibilities but there will have to be sacrifices.

The administration wants to cut $100,000 from what it spends for retiree health insurance. Another $57,000 dollars would be eliminated for teacher raises but both moves would have to be approved by the teacher's association.

"We're working with the transportation contractor and we're trying to make budget adjustments where we can, " Smith said on Friday, "where we've hired new people...somebody scheduled for some benefits and they don't need those it's just a very slow process and then the board will ultimately make a decision as to which things they'll agree to."

Millinocket's school board will be meeting in a few weeks to discuss the cuts. The superintendent says next year the district is likely to face even more reductions.


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