Council approves sale of Congress Square

12:08 AM, Sep 17, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Portland City Council has voted 6 to 3 to sell Congress Sale Park.

The City Council will sell two-thirds of the park to Rockbridge Capital, the developer that is renovating the former Eastland Hotel.

The votes comes after more than three hours of public comment last Monday, where opposition to the proposal outweighed support 2-1. Councilors postponed the vote until this week's meeting.

The meeting was disrupted before councilors were able to take up the issue. A woman stood and said she wanted to purchase Congress Square with money the city owes her from a lawsuit. When she refused to be quiet, police handcuffed her and escorted her from the building. 

Councilors debated the issue for more than two hours before voting to pass the order with amendments. Those amendments include a provision that requires approval for Rockbridge's final plan from the Historic Preservation Board and the Planning Board before the sale is finalized. Rockbridge will also pay for the removal of the historic clock that is currently in the square.




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