90% of Mainers install car seats incorrectly

10:23 PM, Sep 18, 2013   |    comments
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BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It's the most precious cargo for any parent, but when it comes to strapping their kids into car seats, 9 out of 10 parents are not doing it correctly.

There are several different types of Car Seat's on the Market, all required to meet the same safety guidelines. It's installing them after a purchase when things usually go wrong. According to the Organization Safe Kids Maine, more than 90% of Mainers install their child's car seat incorrectly.

"When I wiggle it along the path of the seat belt. It should be an inch or less, preferably less than an inch," said Eastern Maine Medical Center Trauma Nurse, Anna Moses.

To lower that scary statistic, Moses recommends that parents make sure car seats move less than 1 inch from side to side along the belt path. Another common mistake is harnessing. Straps should be at or below the shoulder for rear-facing and at or above the shoulder for forward-facing seats, with chest clips secure and always at armpit level. Advice that Chris Bouchard took Wednesday when he learned how to properly install his one-year-old son's seat.

"We know that, god forbid, if we get into an accident we don't have to worry about our child as much because we know that their seat is safe," said Bouchard.

For a list of locations and times in Maine where there are free demonstrations on how to install car seats correctly you can go to www.maineseatcheck.org.    


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