Soccer game helps promote world peace

2:50 PM, Sep 22, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In sports they say it's not about who wins or who's about having fun and being a good sport. That was the case on Saturday as the Maine Chapter of CISV organized a soccer game to help celebrate and create awareness on International peace day.

"Why soccer? Soccer is an international game. It's recognized by every country, every country plays it. It's a great way to get everyone together to play on teams and even a little bit of competition," said youth Maine CISV President Nash Allan-Rahill.  

A game full of compliments and positive energy by kids and adults of all ages.    

Nash organized the friendly competition.      

"It feels great for me, I've been trying real hard to recruit people and get them here because it's more fun the more people that are here," said Allan-Rahill.  

He's looking to jump start the youth in the right direction on this day of peace.    

"It's their future in the world they need to take it, mold it, make it work for them. They are the future the more we can do to empower them the better chance we have to create a peaceful society," said Maine CISV President Gary Ross.    

Some players even found themselves passing the ball to someone they once knew as an opponent...    

"I go to John Bapst, some kids go to Orono and they play together. Usually there's some rivalries between schools," said Stuart Mackay, a Maine CISV member.    

But not today.

Nash, a member of the Orono High School varsity soccer team, even made sure to not forget what day it was as he looked ahead to his teams game in Houlton later in the day.  

"I'm hoping to make peace there too. I'm a captain of the soccer team, I'll be a good sportsman up there," said Allan-Rahill.

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