Snowmobile industry hoping for snowy winter

8:57 PM, Oct 20, 2013   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While there may not be any snow on the ground quite yet, the Augusta Civic center was full of snowmobiles for the 17th Annual Maine Snowmobile show.

 Thousands of snowmobilers came out for what they call the first weekend of winter. It was a chance for snowmobilers to learn about safety, trails...and check out the goods.  

"It's kind of like going into the candy store. You have to look at everything and then you kind of zero in on the the few things that maybe you really need," said Bob Meyers, Executive Director of the Maine Snowmobile Assocation.    

Giving vendors a jump-start on the upcoming Winter season...

"For us a chance to sell some product, gives a good boost coming into the fall season," said Pushard's Owner, Mike Pushard.      

"The snowmobilers are going to come flocking in so they're hitting right directly to their market," said Meyers.    

A market that contributes to a major part of Maine's winter economy.  

"The economic value is about $350 million a year and we have a 14,000 mile trail system that's all over the state gets into a lot of rural areas where theres not a lot of other opportunities in the winter time," said Meyers.    

But that's only if there is snow...

"We rely on it very heavily in central Maine and south. If we have no snow after Christmas, we have no business. And for the past two years it's hurt us all the dealers, because we've had no snow," said Pushard.  

"Most of us from southern New Hampshire and southern Maine we have to come further north because this is where the snow is so if they don't have the snow then everybody is hurting... restaurants, lodging and even the snowmobile dealers," said Janice Rougier of SureTrac Systems, LLC.        

But they remain optimistic..    

"We're hoping the farmers almanac is right and we're going to get blasted this winter and everybody is going to be out having a good time," said Meyers.    


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