Sen. King reflects on shutdown, moving forward

8:03 PM, Oct 20, 2013   |    comments
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BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- With the federal government shutdown over, Senator Angus King has returned home to Maine.

It will be a brief visit, as the junior senator has his work cut out for him back in Washington. He has been appointed to a bipartisan committee charged with developing a long-term budget plan.

The group of House and Senate members has less than three months to come up with a budget, or risk yet another government shutdown. King told NEWS CENTER it's a challenge he is willing to take on, because he says it is a crucial step in restoring faith in Congress.

"We haven't had a budget for the United States government in four years," King said. "And I think it's important to the American people and it is to me, to show that the system as it's set up can actually work and it doesn't have to take all of this drama that we've gone through in the last two or three weeks to make decisions."

The committee has until mid-December to reach an agreement.














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