Homecoming queens make history in Texas

4:46 PM, Oct 22, 2013   |    comments
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EAGLE PASS, Tex. (NBC) -- (WOAI) Instead of a homecoming king and queen, a high school in Eagle Pass crowned a queen and queen.

The two queens say it was part of a grassroots effort to support gay rights.

"I'm sure a lot of little girls always dreamed of being Homecoming Queen, but to know we were making a difference as well, it's just amazing," 17-year-old Eileen Hernandez says.

She and 17-year-old Jennifer Mijares are not a couple.

"I am actually a lesbian. I am," Hernandez says. "I'm straight," Mijares says.

But you could call them partners.

"I was the gay one," Hernandez says. "She was the straight one." "She's my ally," Mijares says.

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