Bangor questions the expansion of methodone treatment

6:21 PM, Oct 22, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Substance abuse is a growing issue across the state. Methadone clinics are put in place to help those struggling with opiate addictions. Bangor houses three of the state's ten clinics, serving 1,500 patients. Penobscot County Metro treatment center asked the city to expand its facilities to include suboxine, another form of treatment to help those fighting opiate addictions.  

City councilors are reviewing the possibility to place a moratorium to halt any new suboxine treatment facilities until more research can be completed.

Joe Baldacci with Bangor's city council said, "We are doing our share, but we are not going to be asked to do more than that. We are already doing really a disproportionate amount. That's why this can't be seen as a local issue. This is a state issue. The governor and the legislature needs to be engaged in this issue because there are thousands of people and they are not all going to be coming to Bangor."

Executive Director Pat Kimball with Wellspring Incorporated said, "I think for me as a treatment provider what we need to be able to do is serve the needs of the people who are here. And if the people who are here need treatment if they come here seeking treatment and seeking help I think we need to do that."

Bangor city councilors are pushing a bill in Augusta that would decentralize treatment away from the Queen City. If passed, the state would be able to contract federally-qualified health centers or medical practices to provide the treatment.

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