Durgin, Plourde, Graham all secure seats on Bangor City Council

1:02 AM, Nov 6, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Voters in the Queen City spoke on Tuesday night as Bangor city council chair Nelson Durgin secured re-election. Voters also elected Joshua Plourde and Gibran Graham to the council.

A total of three city council seats were up for grabs with six candidates running. With close to 2400 votes Plourde took a slim majority of the field with 24 percent. Durgin was slightly behind him with a little more than 2200 votes. Graham won 19 percent of the field with 1827 votes-- beating out councilor Charlie Longo by more than 200 ballots. Longo would follow Graham with 1607 votes, former city councilor Hal Wheeler collected 1155 votes and Victor Kraft had 560 votes.

Applause would erupt at Grahams election camp after he was declared a winner shortly after 9 p.m. In recent years the city of Bangor has seen a lot of development, including getting a new arena and having waterfront concerts each summer Both Graham and Plourde said they feel their wins show that city voters favor that kind of change.

"It {the electorate} wants fresh ideas," Graham said, "it wants fresh leadership..it wants to experience new things because as a city we are experiencing new things and I think that is a direct reflection of ya know the results. I think they are a direct refection of how the city is organically responding to its own growth."

"Voters want people to be on the council who will consider problems from multiple angles," said Joshua Plourde, "and they want it to be in a progressive point of view...in a forward thinking point of view..and we're tired of the past. We're ready to move on and Bangor's ready to grow. We're here to do it."

The race for seats on Bangor's school committee was also pretty close. In the end Susan Hawes and Jay Ye got the nod. Ye beat out the only other person running Sue Sorg by 100 votes even.


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