Elected Bangor city councilors could mean more growth for the Queen City

9:46 PM, Nov 6, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Bangor residents casted their ballots on who they want to take the three open council seats. Current chair, Nelson Durgin, was re-elected. Residents also voted in two newcomers, Gibran Graham and Joshua Plourde.

City Councilor Ben Sprague said, "I think the people of Bangor voted for the candidates that were talking about the vibrancy we have going. They talked about economic development. They talked about bringing young people back or retaining our professionals in the area."

The two new additions show that younger professionals are continuing to seek elected office in Bangor. As the Queen City continues to prosper both economically and culturally younger people are choosing to settle down and become active in organizations.

Councilor elect Gibran Graham said, "I think everyone brings a different experience level and a different perspective. Each individual brings a different perspective but I think that having city councilors in city hall but also some diverse ages from what we are normally used to brings some real fresh perspectives that are really going to help our city take a look at things in new ways."

The nine member council is made up of all different ages and backgrounds. Four of the nine councilors will be under 40, and one, councilor elect Joshua Plourde, is in his early twenties.

Councilors new and established say this diversity will only help make the Queen City stand out.

Newly elected Joshua Plourde said, "You often hear 'Bangor's almost got it.' And just looking at social media last night and looking at it since the arena was built the phrase has changed from 'Bangor's almost got it to Bangor's got it.' Bangor understands it and it's a really wonderful time to be involved and see that take place."

The three elected councilors will be sworn in Wednesday.  

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