First Major Snowfall for Maine

7:44 PM, Dec 14, 2013   |    comments
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Heavy snow will fall throughout Maine through Sunday morning with the heaviest being between 3am and 8am. Most of the snow should be over with by lunchtime, but not before a foot or more has fallen in most areas. The snow will be followed by cold temperatures for the first half of the week. Warmer temperatures are likely toward the end of the week.

Snow overspreads Maine from southwest to northeast overnight as low pressure develops off the Mid Atlantic coast and heads up over Cape Cod and into the Gulf of Maine, intensifying as it moves northward.  Because of the cold airmass in place, the snow that falls will be very "fluffy," and pile up quickly on all surfaces.  Another issue we'll face because of the cold is that salt becomes essentially useless at temperatures like this, to plows will have their work cut out for them moving the snow.

Winds will also pick up, creating blowing and drifting snow, making it even more difficult to move the snow (because it may end up moving right back!).  Storm Warnings will go up tonight for mariners with 30-40 knot winds freshening from the east.

Because of this easterly wind, a rain/snow line will come close to the coast (despite the fact that it's been so cold!).  If the transition line comes inland, it would only be a mile or two... any further away and it should stay all snow.

When all is said and done, a foot or more of fluffy snow will have fallen.  SOme localized areas close to the Maine Turnpike may see upwards of 10-18" of snow if we can get a bit of enhancement from a coastal front (the rain/snow line, roughly speaking).

The snow winds down by midday across much of the western half of the state and through the afternoon east and north.

Behind the snow, more cold is likely for Monday with highs in the lower teens and lows dropping below zero, even near the coast.

A late-week "warm-up" is possible... some may see the thermometer hit freezing!  Yea!

Stay safe!

A.J. (@WxManAJB)

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