Roxanne Jeskey goes on trial for killing husband

11:26 PM, Dec 16, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A Bangor woman charged with using pliers, a box cutter and a plastic baseball bat to kill her husband during a jealous rage began her trial Monday. The trial began where the event started nearly two and a half years ago, Justice Allen Hunter conducted a walk through of the couple's apartment. The location where prosecutors say Jeskey spent hours torturing her husband before killing him.

Authorities say Roxanne Jeskey killed her husband, Richard, in June 2011 after he spoke to an ex-girlfriend on the phone. His body was found in a bathtub.The court heard the 911 call made by Roxanne Jeskey to police the next morning and heard from the first officer on the scene.The state also presented evidence from the autopsy performed on Richard Jeskey.

Assistant Attorney General Deb Cashman described Jeskey's death, "Poked, punctured, burned and strangled and left for dead in the couple's bathtub. What did she use to do all these things? The state and evidence will show anything she could find in the apartment...A pair of needle nose pliers, a broomstick, all of which was found by police in the bathroom with rick's blood on it. as roxanne's anger grew so did rick's injuries." 

Jeskey is using an insanity defense. Her lawyers say she suffers from mental health problems along with memory problems resulting from brain surgery. 

Attorney David Bate told the judge the day of June 12th Roxanne suffered a complete mental break.The defense also claims Roxanne Jeskey was beaten by her husband both physically and mentally who was trapped in a struggling marriage.

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