Snowfall makes Christmas package deliveries tough

6:36 PM, Dec 16, 2013   |    comments
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SACO, Maine (NECN) -- If you were out and about on Monday you probably saw people delivering packages.

The week before Christmas is, afterall, the busiest week of the year for letter and package deliveries. But with a foot of snow on the ground in parts of New England, the job just got a whole lot tougher.

Most homeowners are like Mark Anderberg of Saco, Maine.
He was working up a sweat pushing his snow blower through 13 inches of snow Monday morning.

"I need to get my mail," he shouted over the sound of the motor. But in just about every neighborhood, there are a a few properties that remain snow covered long after the last snowflakes have flown.

"I've taken plenty of spills," said veteran Mail Carrier Roland Mailhot. "Everyone has." While the United States Postal Service doesn't have exact figures on snow-ice related injuries, there are plenty of them.

Roughly 3,700 men and women brave the northern new england weather for the USPS and every year some of them are sidelined after slipping on the ice and snow.

"Most people may not realize that these injuries are serious," said Tom Rizzo, spokesman for USPS Northern New England. "They get broken bones, lacerations, all kinds of contusions."

Rizzo says the carriers would greatly appreciate it if residents cleared a path to the mailbox so mail trucks or carriers on foot can access the mailbox easily. If mail or packages are delivered to the door, they'll need a clear path to get there as well.

Most town and cities have ordinances that require residents to clear the sidewalks in front of their properties in a timely manner after a snow storm.

While carriers will make every effort to deliver packages, the USPS says they can skip properties if they feel conditions are too unsafe for travel.

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